We all have a really stressful life, ups and downs are there that eventually lead to mental and physical diseases.

So we must find a way to go through the life and to live a stressful life. We must understand that if you want to live a disease free life we should move are body on daily basis. We should exercise, workout, do some physical stuff.

We are providing not only one but various physical classes such as yoga, aerobics, prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga and much more.

Motivated to follow his inner calling and true life purpose, and 18 years of practicing, learning and teaching yoga, Yogi Anit founded YOGA FETTLE JOURNEY a decade ago with a goal to help you achieve your highest potential in body, energy, mind , heart wisdom and soul. He is an advocate of lifelong learning and development and enjoys working with people motivated and driven by passion in their work.

 Driven by passion in yoga he go trained in art of yoga from most prestigious Gurukul in Dehradun under the guidance of Acharya Dr. Dhananjay Ji. he guides his class with mindful sequencing, breath awareness, stories, yoga philosophy and science to deepen the meaning of proactive and highlight its multitude of benefits. With these goals in mind yogi Anit has been able to shape people’s life in holistic way, helping them to learn a way to overcome daily obstacles and remain balanced.

Join the best yoga classes in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad for curing number of diseases right from your home naturally without medicine, for losing weight, for staying fit and much more. We are providing Home Yoga classes. 

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