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About Us


Yoga is not about something that is required by the body to live but is something which will add some extra and comfortable years of better living and healthy life in your life. We focus on a healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle at OM YOGA CLASSES by providing best yoga classes in delhi. 

Delhi people with no doubt are  very busy and their work schedule is hectic as well that interferes with the brain and physical activity with time. Not just in Delhi but in metropolitan cities all over the world. For living a healthy lifestyle it is important to do some exercise on daily basis otherwise your body will end up with some diseases, overweight and mental illnesses, and etc. Exercises like GYM, YOGA, DANCE, RUNNING, CALISTHENICS, WALKING, etc but the point here is one should keep moving their body to live a healthy lifestyle and let it be any form of exercise. 

Yoga is one of the best way to live a disease free life and it has been proving it since ages. Came from an ancient background of Indian history curing lives and diseases since centuries without the aid of medicines. 

We are teaching yoga since years and our founder has experience of more than 7 years. We provide online and offline yoga classes across Delhi-NCR, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad. 

Founder of Om Yoga Classes


Graduate in yogic science

our sir's philosophy:

To learn yoga or a new skill, you need to out of your mentality from 'I can't" to "I can achieve it". The sky is your limit.

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